To fulfill the requirements of Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental laws and regulations





Dönmez Clutch has made the essential principles of protect the environment and natural resources, to protect employees and societies about the health and safety in all activities. Our primary focus are;


To make working conditions efficient by making improvements in terms of occupational safety, protection of employee health, training and transfer of experience against possible accidents and occupational diseases.

To be respectively about natural resources such as raw materials, energy and water, to keep use of these resources efficiently and as low as possible


To protect our suppliers, customers and their employees, our visitors who are in business relationship with our company, and to protect them against Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental risks

To fulfill the demands of our shareholders, customers, employees and society’s about Occupational Health, Safety and Environment.

To continuously reduce the adverse effects of all our activities on environment. 


We meet customer expectations with our competent human resources and other stakeholders, design, produce and market competitive products worldwide with a technological and innovative approach.


We are committed to bringing our brand to the top in the world.


Donmez Clutch is manufacturing the products with highest quality available, from the day it was founded. Due to this search of high quality, the factory has been awarded with many world class certificates. 

To ensure the security of information assets that belong to us and shared with us by our stakeholders within the scope of our business processes.


Possible risks on information assets; identification, evaluation, elimination and continuous improvement.

“Confidentiality, Integrity, Accessibility and Sustainability” in line with the principles to manage our information assets and process performance to measure.

To minimize interruptions that may occur due to information security in all our business processes and activities covered.

To report all actual or potential violations, to detect any nonconformities causing violations and to take measures to prevent repetition.

To provide necessary and qualified training to all related process owners and employees in order to increase and increase information security awareness.

We aim to carry out our ISMS activities in accordance with all legal requirements, current standards and agreements with third parties (business partners, customers, suppliers) regarding information security.


Customer satisfaction activities are documented in order to keep the satisfaction of our customers at the highest level. In order to meet customer demands, our customers are visited on-site and given technical support. The main objective of our activities is to eliminate customer complaints, prevent them and to have short feedback period.


Material quality, which is one of the basic parameters of product quality, is one of our important criteria. In order to check the suitability of dimensional, visual and functional performance, the supplied material is subjected to entrance quality control process with modern laboratory measurement and test equipments upon arrival.


We believe that quality product output can only be achieved through a systematic and controlled process. We implement regular process controls to keep our equipment and process under control.


Producing high quality products with the right materials and the right process is our primary goal. Therefore, in addition to all the measures, verification of destructive and non-destructive finished products is performed with modern measuring and testing equipment.


The calibration of all test equipment and devices is carried out periodically by internationally recognized calibration organizations within the framework of a documented calibration plan.